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Introduction to: SIP, Single Inline Profile reed relays or what are sometimes called SIL reed relays, DIP or Dual Inline Profile reed relays, SMD or Surface Mount Device reed relays. Next are our Series 40 Tubular reed relays, the Series 50 Molded reed relays, the Series 60 Low Thermal Offset Reed Relays, and the Line Sense Reed Relays, all of which are our standard product General Line of reed relays. Let's not leave out the relays that were morphed from the Series 40 (the single reed relay series that started it all) - the very popular Tubular Series 10 and Series 15. And finally, the PC Mount Open Line reed relays, our Series 20 ends the standard catalog reed relay series. Next are the "special" reed relays.

When you need something not portrayed below: Our unmatched ability allows us to produce that "special" reed relay or to duplicate the reed relay that you have been purchasing from others but no longer can obtain. It happens all the time. We have been asked to design and produce reed relays in every style you can think of and even some that you can't imagine. As such, we are your "true" second source for all of your relay requirements. Look at the various package styles below to find something similar. Select what you need, gather together your electrical specifications and contact us. We will construct a sample relay for your evaluation. If you don't see anything that is similar, contact us and we will change your imagination into something that you can look at, feel, and test.

Value Added: Often we are asked to weld an extension lead on the end of a reed switch. We even form the ends of a reed switch on 1 inch centers or larger and trim the tips as required for some customers. Sometimes a reed switch customer asks us to perform articulated bendings of the reed switch leads since when they do it, the switch glass breaks. Frankly we have people who have done this for over 30 years. What's better for you is that after the bending on the leads is completed, we perform a switching test on the finished result prior to shipment of the product to you to assure you of quality and certify that we did it. Special packing is often undertaken if requested.

Other Things We Can Do: We perform special testing of various and sundry parts and PCB assemblies for customers. If you need expertise in welding small leads, assembling small parts to a PCB for small runs, or for special testing of relays or sensors, we can do this. Maybe you need the relay assembly to be molded in a special epoxy or need special placement of "flying" leads exiting from the relay, that's no problem. So, if you have a need for someone with the ability to perform  any or all of these procedures for you on ones we have not yet mentioned or portrayed in this web site, give us a call.

High Voltage Reed Relays: Our capability to design and to manufacture a high voltage reed relay capable of switching voltages up to and including 15 KVDC, with or without flying switch leads is unsurpassed, with all packaging styles as part of your requirements. Second sourcing of these delicate HV reed relays is just smart business on your part. We understand your concern since for years we have provided these high voltage switching reed relays to all of the major users of these products in a wide variety of special or custom physical styles. We have listed in our catalogs many standard packaged styles, some pcb mounting, readily available from 1 KV switching to 15 KVDC switching. Send us your drawings and your own HV reed relay requirements.   

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