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Series 10 General: These dry contact reed relays are designed to be used in through-put holes on a printed circuit board and then wave soldered. The feature that makes them unique is that they can utilize almost any kind of reed switch, as long as it can be inserted into the coil and then sealed totally. Because of this feature, even those switches rated at 50 or above watt switching can be utilized, subject to availability. Magnetic and/or electrostatic shielding is a viable option.

These are available in three styles - RX-2, Black Beauty, and Power Max.

RX-2 is used to switch extraordinarily small changes of voltage and currents in data-loggers, VTVM's,inputs to OP-Amps, and other similar circuits where extreme stability of switching characteristics is the prime requisite. Black Beauty provides exceptional performance from low level to 20 watt switching at a commercial price. Due to it's higher ratings, longer life with superior performance can be expected. Power Max has the same general specifications as does the Black Beauty but is capable of switching a genuine 30 VA resistive load using a 50 watt rated reed switch. Small inductive loads may be switched with caution - contact us please for further information on how we may assist you if you need to switch minor inductive loads.



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