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What are the Series 30 reed relays? They are known as SIP reed relays or SIL reed relays. The buzz word of SIP stands for "single inline profile". The Word Single means just one relay and one switch. However, you can choose between a SPST or a SPDT reed switch relay. The word Inline means the leads exit from the relay in one line. Profile stands for itself in that you are supposed to view the relay from one side or by looking at it's profile. Of Course you can easily see what the word SIL stands for. These reed relays are available in various sizes, shapes, heigthts, and widths. They are fashioned out of hard heat molded epoxy in various physical sizes. They all come with extended wire leads or lead frame extensions out from the bottom of the relay for easy mounting into the PCB. The leads are coated with a solder soluable material meeting current soldering standards enacted to protect our environment.

Depending upon the physical size, reed switches from almost no current/voltage swiitching to 50 watt switching are available, resulting in either a spst or spdt arrangement. These relays easily withstand harsh hostile environments and hazardous cleaning solutions. Coil voltages range from 5 to 24 volts DC. A back emf diode across the coil is available upon request to prevent contact closure upon turning off the coil voltage. Electrostatic and/or magnetic shielding is available on some models.



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