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What We Offer You: A manufacturer's reputation is only as good as the products it makes. And the key to creating superb products relies on the components that you, the manufacturer use in the first place. Put your company on the path to profitability with the help of US Relays and Technology. We are a custom, high quality manufacturer of Reed Relays and a distributor of electronic components. Find Out About Us by using your "mouse". Scroll it to Catalog Introduction to the left and "click it" to see our good information we have prepared for you.

Our Specialties Are: Reed relays of all types side-by-side with a wide variety of reed switches we either make or stock, depending upon the item involved. 70% of all our business is designed specifically for our customers, either caused by a new design requirement or by the urgent need for a second source by a new customer

Machine Shop On Location: US Relays & Technology is self contained with its own machine shop for in-house tooling requirements. This gives us the capability to provide a unique, efficient and expeditious manner of design, assembly and shipping of your product to you meeting your schedule. 

Rigorous Pretesting: The reed switch, as received has usually been tested for only one operational closure by the manufacturer. This practice clouds contact resistance stability. We have to know what we have as a raw material item before we build the end product. This is why we test each switch under actual low level operating conditions for many switching operations to determine switching stability before we even consider the switch to be useful.

Other Raw Materials: All products manufactured at our plant are assembled using work order instructions. As such, only raw materials specified on the work order are purchased or utilized. All manufacturing of finished products can be traced to date of manufacture and earlier if required, for raw material verification.  

What's Next? The above pretesting was just the first step in our continuing efforts to BUILD THE MOST RELIABLE REED RELAYS in the industry. But let's continue. Coils for example, must pass no less than three inspections prior to reaching final assembly.  In addition each major construction operation is monitored by experienced inspectors who, along with the assembly person, take pride in producing the most reliable reed relays technically possible. 

And Finally: 100% Final Testing is patterned after MIL-Q-9858B. QC meets all requirements of MIL-I-45208A. MIL-R-5757 test methods are used as a guide. Static and dynamic checks (actual relay low level voltage and current switching operations) insure each relay conforms to specifications. High voltage relays are tested for contact voltage breakdown along with standard pick-up and drop-out testing and to other specifications as they may apply. 


Our Business Statement: Designing and building electronic equipment of any kind is not an easy task.  It takes painstaking attention to detail, and to the skills of the people involved. We are aware that your company and its design team have varying and particular needs. As such, we can create SIP, DIP, SMD, SIL, or HV Reed Relays custom made to order. If you have an item that needs an extra lead or other minor assembly requirements, we will try to accomodate you. That kind of personalized service is one of the many ways we try to generate and maintain customer satisfaction.  If you are looking for a new Reed Relay supplier, you couldn't have come to a better place.  We utilize the latest in technology and equipment in the design of reed relays and distributor value added components.